Apex Legends and the important surprises of the EA Play Live: first details from Respawn

During the streaming event organized by Electronic Arts to discuss Battlefield 2042 and the future of FPS, the Game Director of Apex Legends, Chad Grenier, announced the arrival of important surprises during the EA Play Live to be held on July 22.

Without going into details so as not to spoil the surprise for fans of the free battle royale, the high exponent of the development team of Respawn Entertainment has candidly admitted that the EA Play Live 2021 will be the background to the announcement of the next season and to the reveal. of the new Legend, with the very first information on what awaits the explorers of the Apex Legends FPS universe from now to the next months.

Grenier describes the new character coming to the Apex Legends roster of fighters as “interesting and unique in many ways, and I think players will be really excited to meet him.” Will this be an old acquaintance of fans of the Titanfall series? Or a completely new hero? Some clues (in one sense or another) are offered by Grenier himself in remembering how Apex Legends is set in the same Titanfall universe and borrowing some gameplay mechanics, such as the Pathfinder cable.

To find out what’s cooking around Respawn, we just have to wait until 19:00 on Thursday 22 July and watch the EA Play Live digital show. In the meantime, we remind you that the EA subsidiary has recently announced the Apex Legends Thrillseekers event, which begins on July 13 to coincide with the launch of the new Arena Map.