Arcadegeddon ushers in the era of PS5 gaming with FidelityFX Super Resolution

With the introduction of the FSR with the new Arcadegeddon update, IllFonic’s arcade shooter becomes the first video game for PlayStation 5 to officially support AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution technology.

With a message shared on social media, the American developers behind Predator Hunting Grounds underline that “Arcadegeddon patch 0.1.3 is available! The update brings AMD’s FSR technique to both PS5 and PC, in addition to some gameplay balance changes, new options to set the maximum framerate, several stability improvements and more. “

Going into the specifics of the interventions made to implement the FidelityFX Super Resolution system, the IllFonic team explains that the new technology is applied by default in the PlayStation 5 version, operating in conjunction with the “classic” TAAU upscaling to guarantee a gaming experience. smoother and improved performance. On PC, thanks to this update, the Early Access version of Arcadegeddon receives a slider to allow users to independently apply FSR 1.0 or TAAU upscaling.

Despite the current limitations and numerous compromises of this technology, the Open Source and cross-platform nature of FidelityFX represents a great advantage (compared to other more advanced techniques such as NVIDIA’s DLSS) for all developers of titles destined to be transposed to a multitude. of systems. A real wave of PC and console games with FSR awaits us, especially in function of the support of this upscaling technique on graphics engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5.