Are Kojima’s latest tweets related to one of the Blue Box games?

In the last hours, the social accounts of Hideo Kojima have welcomed a series of unclear posts that have confused the fans of the game designer. Among these messages there is also one that recalls a specific easter egg from the first Metal Gear Solid.

In a tweet, in fact, the good Kojima recalled how the players could ‘capture’ the ghosts of the developers by taking photographs in certain places on the island of Shadow Moses. Apparently it could be a simple memory, but it is almost impossible not to link this aspect of the title starring Solid Snake to a mysterious event linked to Blue Box Studios. As we wrote to you a few days ago, the Early Access version of THE HAUNTING: Blood Water Curse has been available for a few months on the PlayStation Store. The page of the game for PlayStation 5, not yet available for purchase, speaks of a title in which the protagonist has to fight ghosts with the help of a camera.

Whether this is yet another clue relating to Abandoned or just a coincidence? Waiting to find out, you can take a look at our special in which we have collected all the mysterious events related to Abandoned and Blue Box Studios, some of which seem to connect the development team led by Hasan Kharaman to Hideo Kojima.