are Sly Cooper and PlayStation Home back? There are two very dubious rumors

When it comes to rumors it is good to try to clarify: over the weekend there were some rumors that spoke of a return of PlayStation Home and of Sly Cooper 5 in development in the studios of Sucker Punch Productions. But what’s true? Probably nothing.

In the case of PlayStation Home, a video has been released that shows how it is possible to download some Home items for PlayStation 3 on PlayStation 5 and according to many this would actually constitute valid proof of the arrival of the platform on the next-gen console. In reality there are several doubts about the authenticity of the video in question, the only certainty is that Sony has renewed the PlayStation Home brand recently, but it is not certain that it is willing to use it again.

Regarding Sly Cooper 5, the source is a post by 4Chan even deleted (a situation that occurs very rarely on the platform), in which there was talk of a game in development in the studios of Sucker Punch Productions, with the company that would be looking for a ‘ Japanese history expert, probably required for the Ghost of Tsushima sequel and not for Sly Cooper’s fifth game. In any case, the post has been removed and therefore everything is lost in a soap bubble. From temp there has been talk of the return of Sly on PlayStation 5 but to date no announcement has come about.