Ariana Grande protagonist of the next concert? The rumor comes on

Many still remember Travis Scott’s concert in Fortnite, capable of obtaining great success and a strong media echo. Aware of the enormous feedback and views obtained on that occasion, as well as for the DJ Marshmello event, it seems that Epic Games wants to replicate similar experiments as soon as possible.

A leaker of the FortniteLeaks subreddit says that not only will there be a new, great digital concert in the game soon, but which will feature singer Ariana Grande as the protagonist. Rumors in this sense had already spread in recent months, when there was talk of leaks on new skins and the Creative 2.0 mode of Fortnite and where the possibility of an Ariana Grande concert within the very popular battle royale had already emerged. Now the rumor returns to take hold, with the leaker who also considers certain the inclusion of a skin depicting the artist exactly as it already happened for Travis Scott and Marshmello.

The source also adds that Epic has also already done some rehearsals for the virtual concert, which could mean that the event is not that far from its development. As there is for now no official confirmation from the developers or the singer, what emerged must be taken with the benefit of the doubt. Previously, however, the leaker had correctly revealed the arrival of new skins such as Lara Croft’s from Tomb Raider, as well as accurate details on the Primal event. Waiting to find out if Ariana Grande will really be the protagonist of the next concert, we refer you to the trailer with all the skins of LeBron James in Fortnite.