Arkane’s new action game is shown with a trailer at the PlayStation Showcase

Sony has once again given space to Deathloop, the new action game signed by Arkane Studios which has returned to show itself with a trailer during the PlayStation Showcase.

The video, which you can take a look at at the top of the news, focuses on the narrative context in which the events of Deathloop will take place, and thus provides us with a perspective on some of the more mysterious aspects that still linger around the French studio’s project.

“Blackreef is a mystery and Colt is looking for answers. Who are the Visionaries? What is Blackreef? How does the time cycle work? Why does everyone on the island suffer from amnesia? Because Julianna is always lurking around the nearest corner. , ready to ambush Colt? And most importantly, Colt wants to know, “Who am I?” The further Colt goes down the rabbit hole, the more questions arise. One thing’s for sure, Colt is determined to get to the bottom of this. mystery and breaking the time cycle, regardless of the answers it finds “.

Leaving you to watch the trailer, we remind you that Deathloop will be available starting from September 14 on PC (the minimum and recommended requirements have been released) and PS5 as an exclusive console. Considering that Arkane is a fully-fledged Microsoft studio, it is assumed that the game will land on Xbox by the end of next year. In the meantime, you can find out everything about Deathloop’s preload in the PC and PS5 versions.