arrive in November, Activision assures

After months of incessant requests, the official confirmation from Activision has finally arrived: Call of Duty Warzone will receive a completely new map and an anticheat in November, the month in which Call of Duty Vanguard will debut on the market.

The new map that should completely replace Verdansk was built using the same engine and the tools used by Sledgehammer to give life to Vanguard. This will allow Raven Software to seamlessly integrate weapons and operators from the next premium Call of Duty chapter and create an ongoing bond with Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War. Reports that emerged in recent weeks suggest that the one built by Raven is one of the largest maps ever created by the development studio, however no official details were shared during the Battle of Verdansk event.

The arrival of the coveted anticheat is another piece of news that fans have been hoping to receive for a long time now. Although it has systematically banned hacker accounts, Activision has never managed to stop the cheaters, which still use tools such as aimbot and wallhack. All of this is expected to end in November, when the “new and multifaceted anti-cheat system” is introduced.

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