‘as good as on a $ 3,000 PC’, for Microsoft

In the latest intervention on Game Stack, the designers of the videogame division of Microsoft discussed the imminent arrival of Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X / S and explained that the console version of the blockbuster plane will offer a visual and playful experience comparable to that provided. from a high-end PC.

Borrowing the words of Flight Simulator development manager Jorg Neumann, the designers at Microsoft explain that “thanks to the Azure architecture we can overcome the limitations of any technological device by tapping into the processing power of the cloud. Although the local version of Flight Simulator requires a powerful PC to be fully enjoyed, the Azure architecture allows us to offer the complete Flight Simulator experience also on other devices, in particular on Xbox consoles and, subsequently, on mobile systems “.

According to Microsoft’s designers, therefore, the Azure cloud architecture on which Microsoft Flight Simulator is based guarantees “a democratization of devices, since the software no longer has to scale based on the power of the single platform but only needs sufficient bandwidth to stream that data. “

In this regard, the opinion expressed by Neumann is clear and bodes well for the quality of the playful and visual experience of the Xbox Series X / S version of Flight Simulator: “People are impressed by the graphic goodness of Flight Simulator on a PC. $ 3,000, but guess what? On $ 500 consoles like the Xbox Series X it will come in virtually unchanged form, and we’re working to ensure that all of this can soon be enjoyed on even lower spec devices, such as smartphones. “

At this point we just have to wait until July 27 and finally fly on the nextgen skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator in its console version for Xbox Series X and Series S.