Atlus’ mysterious Project Pen evaluated in Australia: is it a new Persona?

The Australian classification body has entered the mysterious Atlus Project Pen, registered on November 4, 2021, into its database. What exactly is it? According to some, it could be a new game in the Persona series.

The game is referred to as “Multi Platform” and has an MA15 + classification (suitable for players aged 15 or over) due to the “strong violence and sexual themed images”, note that the presence of purchases is also reported in-game.

The publisher is SEGA of America and the country of origin is the United States, normally Atlus games are classified as coming from Japan. Atlus and SEGA are celebrating 25 years of the People series and the Persona 25th Times Vol. 2 showcase is expected in December … could this be the occasion to announce a new game in the series?

It is only speculation and it is not excluded that Persona has nothing to do with Project Pen, but unfortunately there are no details of any kind about it. We know that Atlus has ten games in development and among these there is at least one new Persona, presumably Persona 6 as well as other Persona 5 Strikers-style spin-offs, but these are only hypotheses and speculations.