Austin Evans defends the tests conducted

The analyzes carried out by Austin Evans on the new revision of the PS5 defined as ‘poor’ by the content creator are generating a heated discussion on social networks and on the most followed videogame forums.

In light of the criticisms raised by those who consider his analyzes impartial and inconclusive, Evans has therefore decided to reappear on his YouTube channel to defend the conclusions he reached after conducting tests on the new model of Sony’s nextgen console.

After carrying out the teardown of the CFI-1102A model, the youtuber of over 5.1 million subscribers has in fact discovered a smaller heatsink and a different fan from the one mounted on the launch models of PlayStation 5, produced by Delta Electronics and characterized by 17 “long blades” to replace the original 23 fan blades.

Once the console was reassembled, Evans conducted thermal tests on the airflow generated by the new configuration with the smaller heatsink and redesigned fan, revealing average temperatures several degrees higher than those recorded on the PS5 launch model.

Tying back to these tests, Evans posts a message explaining how “there are some people who mention the higher temperatures of the air emitted from the console and claim that it COULD mean that the cooling system is doing a better job of dissipating heat. The fact is that Sony has removed a CONSIDERABLE amount of heatsink from this new PS5 model. A cooler with fewer fins and smaller heatpipes simply can’t be as efficient at moving heat out of the console. “

The youtuber points out the concept by explaining that “think of the PS5 as a PC. If you remove a tower cooler from the CPU and replace it with a smaller one, the overall system temperatures become higher because the cooler, being smaller, it’s less efficient. That’s exactly what’s going on here. “

Meanwhile, Digital Foundry analysts have also taken action to ask Sony for clarification regarding the engineering changes made to the new PlayStation 5 hardware revision. As usual, we will keep you updated on any developments in the matter.