Avowed, the first official artwork of the game on the net? No, it’s just a mistake

While RPG fans wait to find out more details on the progress of Avowed development, some images appearing on the net identified as the first “official artwork” of the game.

Despite the extreme speed with which the images in question have found diffusion, unfortunately we point out the need to quickly extinguish any enthusiasm. The artworks, although highly suggestive, do not have any kind of relationship with the role-playing adventure signed by Obsidian.

Available directly at the bottom of this news, the images – which depict typically fantasy dragons, creatures and scenarios – are in fact simple artworks created by multiple artists, which have been circulating online for several years. Through a simple and quick search, it is in fact possible to find the images on multiple Pinterest accounts or sites of fans of fantasy imagery.

At the moment, it is not clear why such dated images have ended up being approached in these hours in Avowed, but what is certain, unfortunately, is that it was only a false alarm. To find out what the atmospheres of the next Obsidian creation will be, there is therefore nothing left to do but wait patiently for direct updates from the software house. In August of this year, the Xbox team revealed that Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2 are already playable, but there have been no further updates since.