Back 4 Blood and the hideous monsters of the multiplayer shooter: here are the Haunted

After telling you about the game on the side of the Exterminators, it’s time to go to the side of the Haunted of Back 4 Blood: here are the monsters that we can control in the new multiplayer shooter signed by the Turtle Rock studios.

Once we left the shoes of the Exterminators of Back 4 Blood, we took the role of the Haunted to really discover what it means to be “on the side of the monsters” in the horror splatter universe of the next co-op shooter of Turtle Rock.

In the bleak future outlined by the Californian developers, survival does not pass only by the edge of the blades and the barrels of the Exterminators: the rulers of the new world are in fact the Infested (or Ridden), and it is therefore logical to look at them as a forced choice for those who want to immerse themselves headlong into the online challenges of Back 4 Blood.

Each category of Ridden offers advantages and malus designed to stratify and make the gameplay dynamics richer: from the Vomiters to the Persecutors, passing through the Detonators and the Beaters, the range of choices to be made before diving into online battles will be particularly wide.

If you want to know more, in addition to the video that stands out at the beginning of the article, we refer you to our special of Back 4 Blood on the side of the Monsters, with an in-depth analysis by Giuseppe Arace on the experience to live playing the Infested in the multiplayer arenas of the new shooter horror from the authors of Left 4 Dead.