Back 4 Blood, nearly six million players for the August Open Beta

The Back 4 Blood Public Beta took place from August 12 to 16, five days during which players were able to experience first-hand the new cooperative shooter from the authors of Left 4 Dead and EvolvE. How did it go? Very good judging by the numbers.

In the period indicated, 5.6 million players took part in the Open Beta, eliminating 6.2 billion zombies and 164 million special infected. In total, over 548,000 PvP matches were played with players hitting opponents’ weak spots over 35 billion times.

Among the firearms the M4 triumphs while the most used melee weapon was the Fire Ax, among the Walker characters it was the most successful but we remember that in the Beta the selection of heroes available was limited compared to the roster of the game business suit.

During the Beta on Steam, peaks of 100,000 players connected simultaneously were recorded, reflecting the considerable interest aroused by the Turtle Rock game. Back 4 Blood will be available from October 12 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, also on Game Pass since day one, Back 4 Blood has entered the Gold phase and the developers are now working to refine some aspects of production.