Battlefield 2042, the Beta reports an ‘Unknown Error’: EA at work

The gates of the Battlefield 2042 Beta have officially opened, allowing entry to those who have pre-ordered the game or are subscribers to the EA and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate services.

From the very first minutes, the turnout at the play test was exceptional, with the large number of players in the queue leading to several slowdowns. In particular, there are many users who report warning screens for the identification of an “Unknown Error”, which prevents the correct access to the Beta of Battlefield 2042.

In case you are interested in the problem, do not worry, it is not anything serious. To report it is the Lead Community Manager of EA, through the Tweet that you find at the bottom of this news. In fact, the problem is caused by a server expansion procedure implemented by Electronic Arts. The company is in fact improving the infrastructure of the Battlefield 2042 Beta, so as to guarantee access to the game session to all users eager to try the preview shooter. Gradually, therefore, the problem should find a solution.

Meanwhile, fans curious to see the DICE title in action can take advantage of a rich 25-minute gameplay video for the Battlefield 2042 Beta in 4K on PC.