Battlefield 2042 transforms into Escape From Tarkov with Hazard Zone mode

Are you interested in Escape From Tarkov and would like to play something similar on console? So know that one of the modes discovered by the Battlefield 2042 dataminers may be just what you are looking for.

By analyzing the PC version of the tech test files, some users were able to extrapolate some very interesting information about a third mode of the EA DICE shooter that could offer a completely new type of experience for those used to the classic modes of the series. This component of the game should take the name of Hazard Zone and, according to what was declared by the leakers, it would be very similar to the games of Escape From Tarkov. This mode has no unique maps and is set in existing ones, in which it puts players in a context where it is necessary to survive the AI-controlled bots and other players (it is therefore a PvPvE mode) in an attempt to accumulate equipment that it will be permanently lost in the event of death. In short, it is a very particular type of experience and that could further increase the longevity of the title.

Waiting for an official announcement, we remind you that according to the latest rumors, the technical test of Battlefield 2042 would run better on Xbox Series X than on PC.