Bayonetta 3, what’s up? The historical dubber is dubious about her involvement

The small update on the works of Bayonetta 3 has prompted many fans to ask for guidance from the voice actress Hellena Taylor, the “official” voice of Bayonetta in the English language version of the PlatinumGames action saga.

In dealing with the many fans who urge Nintendo and Japanese developers to provide information on the timing of the launch and on the current state of the work of Bayonetta 3, Taylor preferred not to overreact but provided rather unequivocal indications on his involvement in the project.

In response to an enthusiast who, in contacting her on social media, explains to Taylor that “you are a Hellena icon. I really can’t imagine Bayonetta without your fantastic voice”, the historical voice actress of the warrior who has “bewitched” millions of fans of action adventure all over the world explained to his direct interlocutor that “well, you may have to”.

Net of the cold shower due to Taylor’s possible abandonment from her role as Bayonetta’s voice actress, in recent months the leaders of Nintendo of America have considered it appropriate to emphasize how Bayonetta 3 is still in development: the exclusive Nintendo Switch will be shown in due course. from the house in Kyoto.