beating and shooting between astronauts in the video of the FPS in zero gravity

The development of Boundary proceeds quickly, confirms the Surgical Scalpels team with a new video that summarizes the frenetic gameplay experience to be lived in this sci-fi zero gravity shooter.

The trailer packaged by the Chinese software house immerses us in the atmosphere of deathmatches to be played in the low orbit of the Earth wearing the pressurized suit of astronaut-soldiers engaged in a war for the control of asteroids and their immense mineral wealth.

The massive militarization of space hypothesized by Surgical Scalpels will give rise to no-holds-barred battles between the global superpowers engaged in this new gold rush. The shootings that will take place near the installations in orbit will be characterized by the use of conventional weapons and by the dear, old approach of close-range combat, with punches and kicks to be delivered to the enemy on duty to damage his suit and compromise its operation. .

Just take a look at the new video to realize the original approach to gameplay adopted by the Asian authors in reimagining competitive FPS in a context of microgravity, with tactics to be implemented in the course of multiplayer games that will leverage the verticality and three-dimensionality of the game. map.

The launch of Boundary is expected by the end of 2021 on PC and consoles, first as an exclusive time on PS4 and PlayStation 5 and then landed later on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.