Bend Studio Announces Exclusive ‘Behind the Scenes’ Video

During the evening, Sony Bend Studio’s official social channels are updated with an unexpected Days Gone-themed announcement and of which we will know more tomorrow.

According to what was declared by the development team of the game available on PC and PlayStation 4 (complete with upgrades to take advantage of the PlayStation 5 hardware), we will soon be able to witness an unprecedented ‘Behind the scenes’ of the game. Unfortunately, the software house has not explained in detail what will be shown in the video, which will be uploaded to the official YouTube channel tomorrow, Wednesday 29 September 2021, at 21:00 in the Italian time zone. It would also seem that the video arriving in the next few hours is only the first part and it is therefore likely that in the next few days we will see the publication of a second video focused on the development of the game.

While waiting to discover all the secrets of the title starring Deacon St. John, we remind you that the next Bend Studio game could have multiplayer elements. It also seems that the project in question is not the sequel to Days Gone, since according to some rumors Sony would not have approved the team’s proposal. Have you already taken a look at the mod of the PC version of Days Gone that enables first person view?