Bethesda celebrates the return of Samus with unique artwork

On the day that sees the debut of Metroid Dread, the celebrations for the return of Samus go beyond the confines of the Nintendo home. Another giant like Bethesda has in fact expressed its congratulations with an artwork dedicated to the iconic character of the great N.

The new chapter of Metroid that completes the historic saga and accompanies the launch of the Nintendo Switch Oled has been positively received by the sector press and its debut has been celebrated by fans from all over the world. Even a giant like Bethesda, the publisher that has been bought by Microsoft for several months now, has decided to welcome the new Nintendo title with a particular artwork that calls into question Doom Eternal and sees another iconic character in the world as the protagonist videogame, the Doom Slayer. For the occasion, the demon hunter was represented in a pose, with an armor and a background that closely resemble the characteristics of Samus Aran and the cover chosen for Metroid Dread. The parallelism between the protagonist Samus and the Doom Slayer seems evident and spot on.

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