Bethesda’s plans for bonuses and rewards

In September, the battle royale mode of Fallout 76 will close its doors, and so Bethesda invites all explorers of the post-apocalyptic Appalachy of the multiplayer RPG to participate in the challenges of Nuclear Winter to receive many bonuses.

“Dismissing Nuclear Winter was a very difficult decision for the team”, reads the message shared by the developers of Fallout 76 addressing all fans to explain to them that “we hope that the rewards can help you in your adventures and we do not see looking forward to seeing you at work next month with Fallout Worlds. “

All players who complete at least one game of Nuclear Winter between now and Fallout 76 battle royale mode will receive a special themed flag for their CAMP. There are also numerous rewards for those who have already participated in Nuclear Winter or will do so until it is discontinued.

Among the bonuses, we find six Talent coins for each Nuclear Winter Talent card obtained, a Talent coin for each Overseer ticket and a plethora of cosmetic items. Initially foreseen with the acquisition of the most advanced degrees from Superintendent, the objects in question will be transferred to the loot of the event rewards, in doing so they will be usable even after the closure of the battle royale module.

To unlock these items, you must try your hand at the challenges offered by the events A Colossal Problem, Mysterious Cryptid, Project Heaven or Burning Earth, as well as the time events Burning Holidays and Treasure Hunters. Some categories of objects, such as statues and trophies to be placed in the CAMP, will remain the prerogative of those who have obtained them in Nuclear Winter and cannot be unlocked in any other way. With the update that will kick off the Fallout 76 phase dedicated to Fallout Worlds and custom worlds, Bethesda promises to open the doors of Vault 51 to anyone who wishes to scour it to find out what happened to its inhabitants.