big news coming for Competitive Tournaments

With the spectacular scenes of James Bond’s Aston Martin racing on Rocket League still in their eyes, the guys from Psyonix herald the arrival in Season 4 of one of the most requested features by fans of competitive tournaments of the blockbuster free to play.

A few laps from the conclusion of the current Season 3, the developers of San Diego confirm that from the beginning of Season 4 we will see the increase in the number of Competitive Tournaments to participate in every day.

The expansion of the Rocket League esports program, dictated by community requests, will include the addition of extra modes and the highly anticipated 2v2 Tournaments. The latter, explains Psyonix, will work exactly like the 3v3 Tournaments: just join one of the these competitions either alone or with a teammate to start the challenges in groups consisting of 32 teams.

Parallel to the expansion of the daily Tournament program, there will then be the inclusion of other competitive events on a weekly basis, with timelines designed to ensure a more widespread coverage during the times of maximum influx of players for each region.

This also includes the addition of competitive challenges with extra modes, such as Brawl, Basket, Dropshot or Snow Day. The particular nature of these activities, of course, will ensure that the teams that intend to participate will not see their position in the Tournament changed, regardless of the performance achieved. On the other hand, from these tournaments the players will still be able to receive Credits and Titles for the victories achieved.

The big news planned for the Rocket League esports modes during Season 4 will be accompanied by the reformulation of the Tournament Interface, which in fact will be expanded and updated to show a log of the history, the registration period, the final position and that reached in the tournament. Rocket League Season 4 kicks off August 11 on PC and consoles.