Biomutant is playable for five hours

The new proposal launched by Sony with which the company allows PlayStation 5 owners to try some video games completely free of charge is recent. This evolution of the classic demos saw its pioneers in Death Stranding Director’s Cut and Sackboy A Big Adventure, but the initiative continues today with Biomutant.

As confirmed by the official Twitter channel of the game, Biomutant is now available to be played freely through the PlayStation 5 Free Trials. Until October 28, users will be able to immerse themselves in the world of the discussed action game for the duration of five hours, although the timer will activate, as in the case of Death Stranding and Sackboy, as soon as the download of the game’s application is activated.
This seems to be for the moment the greatest reason for discord between users who are taking advantage of the initiative and Sony, which does not seem to want to change its modus operandi, at least for the moment. We also point out that the offer is currently valid only in the UK and Canada, and we do not know if the Free Trials will ever land in Italy as well.

Despite the controversy related to the technical and narrative uncertainties of the title, Biomutant proved to be a real success for THQ Nordic and Experiment 101, which recovered production costs within seven days of launch. To find out all the details on the action game, we refer you to our Biomutant Review.