Blizzard provides more details on character visuals

Diablo 4 still lacks a release date, but Blizzard does not fail to keep fans informed with quarterly updates on the progress of development. Through the words of graphic chief Arnaud Kotelnikoff we now discover more details on how the game view will work.

“Gameplay is one of our priorities, as we want to make sure the character stays isometric and detailed and legible. It’s the first component we consider in character development,” explains Kotelnikoff, confirming that the controlled hero by players “will be shown in a variety of ways throughout the game, be it the customization screen, the template in the inventory screen, the social screens, or real-time cinematics, often bringing the camera closer to highlight the character from rest of the game “.

“To consolidate this approximation – continues Kotelnikoff – we have added an additional level of detail called mapping detail; it is a small repeating pattern applied on top of the material to make the main material more precise and detailed”. The graph also confirms that each outfit featured in Diablo 4 will have two different builds. Two videos also show us in more detail the details of the characters and some customization elements: many aspects are still being worked on, but already now it is possible to notice the great care placed in the visuals and in every detail on the polygonal models.

Blizzard has also confirmed that Diablo 4 will focus strongly on realism thanks in particular to Physically-Based Rendering. And again, Diablo 4 will offer cutscenes made with the game engine.