blonde cheerleader Juliet Starling in Nadya’s photo

There are video games that manage to leave their mark. Most make it through a fantastic storyline mixed with charismatic characters, others for a particular game design or other valuable factors. And then there are those who manage to go viral due to factors such as trash or the conductor’s crazy vision, as for Lollipop Chainsaw.

Suda created a video game at the Grasshopper studio full of various elements but with Juliet Starling at the center, a lively cheerleader who will find herself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and, accompanied by the head of her boyfriend, will tear everything and everyone armed with a chainsaw. A mix of elements that led Lollipop Chainsaw to become a somewhat trashy icon, in particular thanks to her heroine between skirts and low-cut outfits, sometimes even inspired by manga and anime as in the case of the skin inspired by Highschool of the Dead.

But let’s move on to a representation of Juliet Starling staged by Nadyasonika: the cosplay themed Lollipop Chainsaw below takes up the main costume of the blonde cheerleader, with a blue and pink top and skirt, but behind you you can also see the gigantic chainsaw that she uses for kill the undead that swarm through the city.

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