Bloober Team horror available on Oculus Rift, on PSVR this summer

Bloober Team, a software house specializing in horror games and already author of titles such as Layers of Fear and The Medium, has announced the immediate availability of Blair Witch VR for Oculus Rift (the title had already been published for Oculus Quest viewers).

The Polish studio celebrated the arrival of this new edition of the horror game by publishing the trailer that we brought you back to the top of the news, useful for a quick look at the gloomy atmospheres and game mechanics on which the experience is based.

According to Bloober Team, Blair Witch Oculus Rift Edition has some improvements over the standard version for PC, including some small gameplay additions and an improved Artificial Intelligence for Bullet, the dog that faithfully accompanies us during the horror journey. On the technical side we have more advanced polygonal models, a refined lighting system and a greater draw distance.

Blair Witch will also be released on PlayStation VR in the course of the summer, but at the moment it has not been possible to release a more precise launch date.

Bloober Team recently partnered with Konami to work on unannounced licensing projects from the Japanese publisher. Since we are talking about a group of creatives closely linked to the horror genre, it is possible that Bloober is developing the new chapter of Silent Hill. The company appears to be working on three other projects, known by codenames H20, Black and Dum Spiro.