Bloodborne’s fictional spiritual sequel Velvet Veil dies hard: false rumors are circulating

Last June, in the days following E3 2021, rumors began to circulate about a certain Velvet Veil, a game described as the spiritual sequel to Bloodborne and in development for PS5 at FromSoftware studios, with a fixed release. to 2023.

The news quickly made the rounds of the network, extremely stirring up the fans of Bloodborne and of the productions signed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, only to be blatantly denied a few days later, when the sources indicated by the self-styled leakers have specified that they know absolutely nothing.

Certain indiscretions, it seems, die hard. These days the name of Velvet Veil has popped up again on 4Chan (an already unreliable community), accompanied by a series of images that, according to the user who published them, would have been extrapolated from a gameplay trailer for two minutes internal use. Well, these are also fakes: on NeoGAF it took very little to realize that the shared screenshots were actually extrapolated from the trailer for a Russian film called Forbidden Empire, and that they have nothing to do with FromSoftware. On the internet, you know, you can have fun with little. At this address you will find the complete discussion with the images and the trailer that denies them.