boom of stolen accounts in Japan, Sony recommends 2FA

As you can see thanks to the publication of some messages on the official Japanese account of Sony PlayStation, there has recently been a real surge in the number of stolen PSN accounts.

Such a situation has forced the same Japanese company to take measures and invite all oriental users to protect their profile in the best possible way. In this regard, instructions have been published on how to enable two-factor authentication, an additional account protection mechanism that in almost all cases prevents criminals from embezzling a profile. The system is really simple and, once activated, it requires the player who tries to log in from an unknown device not only to enter the password, but also a code that is sent via SMS or via one of the supported apps such as Google Authenticator. Although nothing like this has happened in Europe, it is good to prevent any problems of this type by activating all the protection systems and avoiding your sensitive data ending up in the hands of a stranger.

Speaking of the eastern market, did you know that Sony wants to conquer China with PlayStation 5?