Bright Memory Infinite, don’t underestimate it! We explain why in the Video Review

Bright Memory Infinite, available yesterday on PC and Xbox, is a first-person action game that doesn’t deserve to be underestimated at all. Do you want to know why? Go on and read us and watch our Video Review.

Bright Memory, the original game that arrived on Xbox and PC last year, was nothing more than a half-hour tech demo set up with lots of good ideas and a handful of assets found around by Chinese student Zeng Xiancheng. The project immediately gained the appreciation and support of the players, who are now thanked with a substantial free update that transforms the original game into a completely new title, known as Bright Memory Infinite.

Bright Memory Infinite is set in 2036: as Sheila, a heavily armed agent of the Supernatural Science Research Organization (SRO), you are called to investigate some mysterious atmospheric phenomena. The strength of the production lies in a truly spot-on combat system, which offers a successful mix between FPS and action. We will talk about it in much more depth in the Video Review attached at the top of this news and in the Bright Memory Infinite review edited by our Giovanni Panzano.