Bruce Willis replaces Chris with a very detailed mod

Even before the release of the full game, working on what was available thanks to the demos, the modders were immediately very active on Resident Evil Village, creating a multitude of more or less hilarious and spectacular mods for the most recent chapter of the historic horror series signed Capcom.

And the latest creation of the modder Darknessvaltier certainly does not go unnoticed: his mod replaces Chris Redfield, historical longtime protagonist of the series that plays a central role within the eighth chapter, with a very detailed polygonal model of the actor Bruce Willis , to be exact as his iconic character John McClane played in the various films of the Die Hard series. On the NexusMods portal it is possible to view in detail the work done by the user: the features of McClane are based on his version seen in the fourth film of the film saga (Die Hard – Vivere o Morire in Italian), and are extremely accurate in terms of animations facials and without any kind of technical smudging, proof of the excellent work done by Darknessvaltier to give life to a mod as unexpected as it is intriguing.

Being an icon of action cinema, the presence of Bruce Willis / John McClane goes well with the themes dealt with in Village. There is also a video that shows the mod in action in a game movie: however, since it is a very advanced stage of the game, the risk of spoilers is around the corner and therefore we recommend the vision to those who have already had the opportunity to finish the latest Resident Evil. But we can still find many amateur creations: previously a mod was also made that enables the third-person view in Resident Evil Village. Meanwhile, Resident Evil Village has reached 4.5 million copies distributed, proving to be a great success for Capcom.