Call of Duty’s most iconic maps become LEGO

With the extension of the duration of the COD: Vanguard Open Beta, there is still a few hours available to test the multiplayer sector of the new chapter of the Activision series.

Waiting for the publication of the final version of Call of Duty: Vanguard, however, there are those who have decided to use their time differently. We are talking about the fans of Diamond Lobby, who have decided to pay homage to the shooter saga with themed constructions. Specifically, the community has worked to transform some of COD’s most iconic maps into LEGO creations.

Using the free Bricklink Studio 2.0 Software and counting on the support of 3D Designer Evghenii Loctev, the enthusiasts have created eight different creations, which you can view directly at the bottom of this news. Below, we report the data relating to the number of bricks used for each map and the expense necessary to reproduce it as presented by Diamond Lobby:

  • Crash: the map of the first COD: Modern Warfare has 2,167 bricks, for a cost of 1,340 dollars;
  • Castle: taken from COD: World at War, has 12,873 LEGOs, for a cost of 2,508 dollars;
  • Terminal: directly from COD: Modern Warfare 2, the latter requires 19,043 bricks and a whopping 4,726 dollars;
  • Firing Range: featured in numerous chapters of the shooter series, the map counts 5,133 LEGOs, for a cost of $ 1,988;
  • Rust: among the most famous maps in the series, it required the use of 1,811 bricks and 1,810 dollars;
  • Nuketown: Although apparently small, it required 5,953 bricks and 3,033 dollars;
  • Slums: more than famous, the map was made with 3,456 bricks and 1,591 dollars;
  • Raid: among the most popular maps, the latter counts 14,152 LEGO and 2,474 dollars;

What do you think of these creations?