check online the video on the free games of September

The content creator and self-styled Sony insider who runs the “PlayStation Portal” YouTube channel (strictly unofficial and without SIE social affiliations) shared a video that, in his opinion, shows the free video games coming in September on PlayStation Now.

The video proposed by the youtuber lists all the games that, according to him, will become part of the PS Now digital catalog very soon, presumably on Tuesday 7 September. In addition to the already confirmed release of the original FFVII as part of the initiative that will bring many Final Fantasy to arrive on PlayStation Now, the list drawn up by the insider seems to outline a month particularly full of surprises for subscribers to Sony’s subscription service.

The youtuber’s list in fact mentions the fighting game Tekken 7, the free roaming adventure Windbound, the RPG Ghost of a Tale, the roguelike in pixel art Moonlighter, the shooter Killing Floor 2 and the Definitive Edition of Pathfinder Kingmaker.

The official announcement of the next video games destined to land on PlayStation Now should take place tomorrow, Monday 6 September. Waiting to receive a confirmation or a denial to the advances of PlayStation Portal, we remind you that from 22:00 on Thursday 9 September we will follow the PlayStation Showcase, the highly anticipated digital event organized by Sony with 40 minutes full of surprises regarding the games in release on PS4 and PS5 by the end of the year and in the following months.