check out a never-before-seen gameplay video featuring Boba Fett

To celebrate its sixth anniversary, the YouTube channel The Vault has released an unreleased gameplay video of Star Wars 1313, a project announced in 2012 by LucasArts and canceled the following year after the company closed.

Star Wars 1313 was a third-person action game starring Boba Fett, the project enjoyed great media coverage thanks to the cinematic cut and Uncharted-style action adventure nature, unfortunately, LucasArts never completed the project and after the Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars 1313 was canceled and the LucasArts division closed in Spring 2013.

Disney has never thought of picking up this concept and therefore of Star Wars 1313 only a few gameplay videos remain, specifically the one published by The Vault is completely unpublished, apparently taken from a build in the Alpha phase, the demo is certainly not very refined. and many aspects appear rather rough but it is equally interesting to see the direction that LucasArts had decided to give the game.

In any case, Star Wars fans need not despair, recently EA announced three new Star Wars games including an action adventure (probably the sequel to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, a first person shooter and a strategy game.