check out gameplay for PS5 and PC gaming

After returning to the public with a trailer of Deathloop at the PlayStation Showcase, the new work by Arkane Studios is preparing to debut on the gaming market.

Among the new games arriving in September 2021, there is also space for the peculiar mix of shooter dynamics, 1950s atmospheres and time loops. With the release date set for next Tuesday, September 14, Deathloop, however, shows itself in action several hours in advance. Compared to what is foreseen by the Bethesda roadmap, a gameplay leak video for Deathloop has made its way onto the net, which immortalizes just under five minutes of gameplay of the shooter.

The sequence develops within a single level, with the protagonist advancing along the setting, scoring a remarkable series of kills. Making her way between opponents and enemies, the aim of the hitwoman is to be able to escape the unstoppable and mysterious time loop that has imprisoned her within this unusual existential dimension.

Between ambushes and sections with weapons drawn, Deathloop will soon be available on PC, via the Epic Games Store, and exclusively on the console on PlayStation 5. To prepare the public for the launch, the authors of Dishonored have already communicated all the details relating to the preload of Deathloop .