check the deleted game video online

The youtuber Obscure Gamers has shared an entire gameplay sequence from the debug version for Xbox 360 of the now canceled game Spider-Man 4, an action adventure developed by Radical Entertainment between 2008 and 2010.

In the movie in question, you can admire almost twenty minutes of gameplay scenes from the tie-in of the movie Spider-Man 4, the Hollywood blockbuster of Sam Raimi abandoned in the same time window of the Radical Entertainment game.

Scrolling through the clips of the video you can see the debug menu used by the developers to bring up the levels to be tested on the screen: judging from what is shown, the gaming experience promised by Spider-Man 4 would have offered wall climbers fans to circle between skyscrapers of New York and fight crime by displaying a rich array of attacks and special moves.

The build that the youtuber managed to recover from Dante’s vaporware group also seems to confirm that the cancellation of the Spider-Man 4 project came at a relatively advanced stage of development. Net of the gaps in the polygonal models and in the behavioral routine of NPCs and vehicles, much of the work on the combat system and setting seemed now complete, at least for the version for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 developed by Radical Entertainment.

To those who follow us, we remind you that in June 2019 the images of the Wii version of Spider-Man 4 also appeared on the net, entrusted to Eurocom and canceled along with the remaining editions for PC and console.