Civilization celebrates 30 years of the franchise with lots of new content, Sid Meier speaks

The famous Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise turns 30 and for the occasion Firaxis and 2K Games have published a long press release signed by Sid Meier himself that promises “challenges, fun surprises and incredible offers”.

To worthily celebrate the franchise that has revolutionized the turn-based strategy landscape most of all, the publisher 2K Games and the developers of Firaxis have promised a series of unreleased content that will accompany players in the coming months. Without specifying further, the celebrations were opened by Sid Meier himself who with a long post wanted to thank the community, going to underline the strengths of the entire series: “In my opinion, it all depends on what I believe to be a profound trait. human: the desire to create a path for humanity to a better future, to shape and protect it. The possibility of conceiving a great vision and having the means to make it a reality. All games satisfy some form of desire of power, allowing you to do something that is impossible in real life. Some are fantastic and offer magical powers with which to defeat dragons. Others simulate real life, but without the risk of getting hurt: in a racing game, what prevents us to take a corner at insane speed? “.

Waiting to know all the news that will arrive in the coming months, the rumors about a possible Civilization 7 are multiplying thanks to a new job advertisement published by Firaxis Games.