COD 2021 has been confirmed, a link with COD Mobile is not excluded

Thanks to Activision’s latest financial reports, it was possible to discover some extra information on the next chapter of Call of Duty, the announcement of which should be imminent.

What is called “Call of Duty 2021” and which according to rumors could be called Slipstream (like the Beta that appeared in the PlayStation database) is in development at Sledgehammer Games and, according to Activision’s words, it will be a ‘robust’ game since launch. It is likely that this statement is intended to silence all the rumors according to which the development of the title is not proceeding in the best way and that there would be the risk of having missing content on day one. The company also confirmed that the development team has never been so big and strong, probably thanks to the arrival of a new workforce and large investments.

Not to be underestimated is Activision’s statement that there is an opportunity to connect the next chapter of the shooter series to the popular Call of Duty Mobile, which continues to generate record revenue on Android and iOS. It is therefore not excluded that in the future there may be a sort of connection between the two products that can go beyond simple rewards.

Did you know that the announcement of COD 2021 could take place at a Warzone event?