COD Black Ops Cold War takes up a third of the entire PS5 SSD

The size of video games has risen considerably in recent years, but probably no one is able to beat the recent exponents of the Call of Duty series, also thanks to the vastness of their playful offer.

The latest episode, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, is however creating some headaches for those who own it on PlayStation 5, who are called to make some extra effort when they have to manage the space available. In its most complete version ever (thus also including Warzone), Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War occupies 219.8 GB on PS5, practically a third of all the space offered by the SSD, which amounts to 667 GB (compared to of a cut of 825 GB). In other words, it weighs more than three of the most popular PlayStation 5 exclusives combined, namely Returnal (56.15GB), Demon’s Souls (52GB) and Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart (33GB).

Fortunately, Activision offers the possibility to individually uninstall the components of the game of little interest, such as the campaign: by removing it, Black Ops Cold War slims up to 154 GB (which is still a lot!). The overall size also continues to vary patch after patch, and in that sense there is good news: apparently, the latest update of Black Ops Cold War added to the database seems to be destined to decrease the overall size by 18 GB. Better than nothing!