COD Vanguard will have the FOV slider on consoles, will it also arrive on Warzone?

During the long livestream dedicated to the new chapter of the long-running shooter series, Activision has revealed numerous details regarding Call of Duty Vanguard. In addition to having exposed the contents of the Beta on PlayStation, the developers have revealed something more about the technical characteristics of the shooter on console.

The FOV slider is one of the most requested additions by Call of Duty console users: a reduced field of view, moreover, constitutes a significant handicap for those who face opponents on PC, able instead to manage this at will. appearance. Well, Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that among the Call of Duty Vanguard options on consoles there will also be a FOV slider, through which users will be able to close the gap with the PC user. Of course, this could lead to performance problems, due to the limited hardware potential of the consoles (especially if the feature were to be confirmed also for old gen platforms).

The console FOV slider is actually already present in COD Black Ops Cold War, which however uses a different engine from that of COD Modern Warfare and Vanguard. It will be interesting at this point to understand if the functionality will also appear within COD Warzone which, as stated by Raven Software, will fully adopt the Vanguard graphics engine, which consists of an updated version of the engine that already supports Modern Warfare.

Raven Software also took the opportunity to showcase for the first time the new COD Warzone map that will take us to the Pacific. For more details, we refer you to our COD Vanguard multiplayer preview.