collaboration with Oreo announced

The Pokémon Company has joined forces with Oreo to give life to a weird and greedy initiative: limited edition Pokémon-themed cookies. The collaboration was announced through a themed trailer that follows the adventurous style of the historic and long-running series under Nintendo.

On the Oreo cookies 16 different pocket monsters will be depicted, among which we can find Jigglypuff, Dratini, Mew and, of course, the inevitable Pikachu. Instead, the taste of the sweets remains unchanged regardless of the creature represented, but surely the idea of ​​discovering all the Pokémon selected to appear on the famous cookies could be a sufficient incentive for fans to make big binges. In this regard, it is possible to pre-order the cookies through the official Oreo website, with shipments starting from 13 September 2021. The company has also confirmed that the sweets will also be distributed in stores, but does not specify when and in which specific chains they will be made available.

This is not the first videogame brand to be transformed into a dessert in the course of 2021: Xbox has become a Krispy Kreme donut, also in this case in a limited edition to celebrate 20 years of the Microsoft console. Returning instead to video games, if you have not yet done so you can read our preview of Arceus Pokémon Legends, an expected spin-off scheduled for Nintendo Switch for January 28, 2022.