come the Connection Suggestions and improvements for the controller

From the latest dataming operations carried out on the Google Stadia app, various background on the activities carried out by the Mountain View giant to evolve and improve the functionality and accessibility of its platform for game streaming have emerged.

After implementing Phone Link in Google Stadia and adding the option to play without a controller via touchscreen, the American company seems to be willing to enhance the experience offered to its customers with targeted interventions.

The update 3.38 of the Google Stadia application for Android systems has introduced the Connection Suggestions, tips to improve the enjoyment of streaming video games. The system reminds Stadia users that “Ethernet connection is more stable than Wi-Fi” and shares other messages with suggestions for “Switch to Ethernet if you can”, or “Switch to 5GHz Wi-Fi” and “Improve gameplay using these Router settings “.

The latest datamining operations also suggest the imminent expansion of the options accessible from the controller to manage the functions of the Google Stadia app on Android TV more quickly, thanks to the transition from the current Dart libraries to those known by the code name ” Gotham “.