Company of Heroes 3 like The Witcher or BioWare RPGs? The campaign will have a dynamic history

In the latest development diary shared by Relic, the Canadian authors confirmed the adoption of a dynamic system for the progression of the story of the main campaign of Company of Heroes 3, the strategic blockbuster set in Italy during the Second World War.

In the long examination of the interventions made to evolve the singleplayer experience of the series and stratify the narrative, the Relic team explains that they have focused on the development of a main campaign which, while presenting an introduction and an ending that will be historically authentic to what is occurred in Italy and in the other countries bordering the Mediterranean during the Second World War, will propose missions whose plot will be influenced by the actions performed by the players.

According to the developers of Relic, therefore, the singleplayer campaign of Company of Heroes 3 will “reflect the dynamic nature” of the game, thus proposing events that will vary according to the choices made by users. The decisions taken in certain missions, for example, may vary the balance of power between the warring factions, thus ensuring greater replayability but always respecting historical events.

This approach, of course, seems to refer to the role-playing experience offered by series like The Witcher, Deus Ex, Dragon Age or Mass Effect. Aware of the doubts raised by the adoption of such a system in a main campaign that aims to accurately reconstruct the battles of World War II, Relic’s team clarifies that “this system will not result in a gigantic ramification of history, in style BioWare. We just want to reflect more modestly what happens on the map, thus giving players a way to immerse themselves in a more compelling story. “

As revealed by Relic with the Company of Heroes 3 announcement video, the strategic blockbuster is scheduled for release in the second half of 2022 exclusively on PC.