comparative screenshots highlight the improvements

Have you seen the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and were you impressed by the improvements made by the Grove Street Games team, the software house in charge of the modernization work? Then take a look at these comparative screenshots too.

To bring out even more the improvements made, Ben from RockstarIntel has made a series of comparisons by comparing the official screenshots provided by Rockstar Games and the corresponding scenes he himself replicated within the three classics. In this way, even the youngest players who have no memory of the originals can get an idea of ​​the novelties.

Even the less attentive eyes cannot escape the evident graphic enhancement made possible by the Unreal Engine, which affects the polygonal models of the characters, the vegetation, the textures, the lighting and the meteorological system. The yield of Ocean Drive, the popular street in the City of Vice, is decidedly superior thanks to the new 3D signs and updated neon lights, while the reflections on the asphalt of Groove Street, completely absent in the original San Andreas, stand out decisively . The train tracks and streets of GTA 3, for their part, have been completely remodeled on the PBT texture., While in Vice City’s Café Rabona you can admire the new real-time shadows and character models with improved shaders.

See for yourself by scrolling to the bottom of this news, where we have collected all the comparative images made. Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy The Definitive Edition, remember, is expected on November 11, 2021 on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Nintendo Switch, and in 2022 on mobile devices. Meanwhile, the debate on the removal of classic GTAs from digital stores continues.

Did a little comparison of the shot Rockstar post on the newswire, looks like a pretty solid upgrade!

More props, new textures, new vegetation.

– Ben (@videotech_) October 22, 2021

Here goes another comparison shot of Grove Street! (this took me over an hour to replicate … thanks to the horrible PC port)

– Ben (@videotech_) October 23, 2021

Ocean View Hotel also offers a vast amount of improvements made to the textures, neons and it has been updated to include a 3D sign and much more.

– Ben (@videotech_) October 23, 2021

Another great change; the train tracks (except exterior of the tracks?) in GTA3 were completely remodeled with PBR textures.

What a difference there

– Ben (@videotech_) October 23, 2021

Another comparison, again GTA3.

New PBR textures, improved reflections, new roads.

– Ben (@videotech_) October 23, 2021

Let’s go back to Vice City, this time showcasing some changes inside Cafe Robina. There are some visible changes made to the textures and some models were edited (along with better shaders). All the shadows are no longer baked and now real-time.

The floor also has reflections.

– Ben (@videotech_) October 23, 2021

To end things off finally, here’s a GTA3 screenshot compared with the remaster!

Sorry it’s not completely accurate … I couldn’t really get a shot with the police without some kind of Rockstar Editor

– Ben (@videotech_) October 23, 2021