Confident Digital Foundry on the Sony headset

Following the official reveal by Sony, various possible information on the technical characteristics of PlayStation VR 2 have been released online. According to a report by UploadVR, the device will support 4K resolution and will present vibrations in the helmet, but it seems that other details do not are still leaked online.

This is what was stated by Digital Foundry, which in the course of a new video published on its YouTube channel has ensured that not all the surprises have already been revealed. “We’ve seen some specs that haven’t been leaked and that make it look even better,” say British tech enthusiasts. There seems to be a lot of confidence in Sony’s next-generation headset, but unfortunately we have no way of guessing what Digital Foundry is referring to.

Among the other details that have emerged on the net in recent months, we know of the presence of a system to adjust the two lenses of the viewer separately and of the introduction of an advanced Eye Tracking system created with the aim of improving the vision area. A Sony patent also suggests that it will be possible to reproduce real environments within VR video games. According to information gathered by Bloomberg, the Japanese giant plans to launch PSVR 2 at the end of 2022.