Cookie Clicker beats Rainbow Six Siege

The first day of September arrived on Steam Cookie Clicker, an idle game that has been around for seven years that teaches players how to make cookies. Despite the popularity it has always enjoyed within its niche, no one expected the incredible success it is experiencing on Valve’s platform …

The simple and addictive formula, and the tempting price of 3.99 euros have won the hearts (and palate) of tens and tens of thousands of players: the game published by Playsaurus has taken off a great satisfaction reaching in a very short time a peak of 47,639 players connected simultaneously, more than enough to overcome long-standing phenomena such as Rainbow Six Siege and Warframe at certain times of the day. The general evaluation of users is not far behind: based on over 4 thousand opinions, at the time of writing it turns out to be “Extremely positive”.

Cookie Clicker is quite simply an idle game on how to prepare cookies in industrial quantities. Born on the web in 2013, in all these years it has never seen its development stop, until it officially also arrives on Steam. Over 600 upgrades, more than 500 trophies, a dragon, mini-games, a soundtrack signed by C418 and support for saving in the cloud are the basis of this new phenomenon, which is also adapted in Italian, both in the texts and in the voices. Take a look at the Steam store page.