Cooperative, Seasons, Helicopters and much more coming in 2022

With the confirmation of the Flight Simulator World Update on Italy, the Asobo studios share a new, important update on Microsoft’s aviation blockbuster development roadmap with all the additions, strictly free, planned for the coming months and in 2022.

The French software house and the Xbox Game Studios Publishing team take the opportunity offered by the latest development diary to respond to community requests and provide explanations on the work they are conducting to replenish Flight Simulator content.

The Asobo studies begin by recalling the appointment of 26 August with the reveal of the free expansion for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in which we will find many graphic improvements and additions between airports, monuments, natural attractions and flights test.

Without detracting from the important World Update 6 of the countries of Central Europe, it is the subsequent updates provided by Asobo that feed the curiosity and interest of the fans more. In fact, during 2022, the Flight Simulator developers promise to introduce a cooperative multiplayer mode with specific tasks between pilot and assistant, the alternation of climatic seasons and various World Updates for Italy and other countries.

Also for 2022 we will also see the entry of helicopters in Microsoft Flight Simulator, along with other types of aircraft such as hang gliders or gliders. There will also be content additions and new features such as the one that will allow users to open aircraft doors.