De Exit Eternal Matters, between Minecraft and a pinch of Death Stranding: here is the trailer

After proposing a new Scarf gameplay trailer to the public, the publisher Handy Games brings a completely new title to the attention of the public.

In fact, from the creative forges of SandBloom Studio, comes the reveal of De Exit: Eternal Matters, an intriguing independent production that blends a minimal Minecraft-style aesthetic with a pinch of the mystery and suggestion that permeates the imagery of Death Stranding. Puzzle platform with a strong narrative component enriched by stealth elements, the Indie tells the protagonist’s journey to discover an otherworldly world now completely corrupted by a mysterious event.

Struck by a disturbing and imposing creature, the character loses his life during the first few minutes of De Exit: Eternal Matters. With a mix of minimalist aesthetics and film direction, SandBloom Studio starts from this event to explore the link between life and death, in an adventure that promises to present the theme of the afterlife from multiple perspectives. Directly at the opening of this news, you can find the announcement trailer of De Exit: Eternal Matters, while at the bottom you will find a further video preview of the main features of the title. What do you think?

At the moment, the interesting Indie published by HandyGames lacks a precise launch window, but the game’s debut is expected on PC (via Steam).