Dead Space Remake will have advanced teardowns and zero gravity sections

As promised, Electronic Arts has finally given us the first taste of Dead Space Remake. The EA Motive team showed a still rather immature build of the remake of the historical horror, focusing on the main differences that will be made in this restoration work.

In addition, of course, to revamp the general graphic quality of the title, the developers will retouch some components of the gameplay and certain dynamics related to the shooting phases. In particular, it has been confirmed that Dead Space Remake will feature a renewed system of dismemberment of the monstrous Necromorphs that we will face as Isaac Clarke. This was done both to give an even more spectacular and satisfying result, and to be even more precise and technical than that conceived by Visceral Games in the original chapter of the saga.

As demonstrated in the game’s first gameplay video, Dead Space Remake will also include zero-gravity sections. This is an absolute novelty for the founder of the franchise, who thus benefits from a mechanic introduced only starting from its second iteration. According to EA Motive, in this way it will be much easier and more intuitive to move in certain situations, and the mechanics will also be a source of surprises and new challenges for players.

Among other important news, it has been confirmed that Gunner Wright will voice Isaac Clarke, the protagonist who will no longer be as silent as in the original game. Recall that Dead Space Remake is expected at a launch date not yet specified on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.