Dead Space’s dad reveals the scary face of a monster

After reacting to the announcement of Dead Space Remake, Glen Schofield, the historic creator of the EA horror series, publishes an image on social media that shows the detail of the face of a scary creature from The Callisto Protocol.

The shot shown by the exponent of Striking Distance is presumably in-engine and, therefore, representative of the graphic experience of his next experience in dark colors inspired by John Carpenter’s The Thing and the Dead Space series itself.

In fact, the image shared by Schofield takes up the detail of the deformed face of a monster, one of the many that we will have the misfortune to come across as we run away playing an inmate of Black iron, a prison built on the Jovian moon Callisto. As revealed in the chilling announcement trailer for The Callisto Protocol, the threat posed by the mad automatons of this now out of control prison installation will add to the danger of the deformed creatures.

Before leaving you to Schofield’s tweet, we remind you that The Callisto Protocol is scheduled for release on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S in the course of 2022. According to the father of Dead Space, it will be the scariest game on nextgen .