Deathloop would have been ‘impossible’ on old-gen: Arkane speaks

Deathloop as we know it now could never have existed on the old generation consoles: to explain it is the game director Dinga Bakaba, who highlights how the game rests its foundations on great playful and conceptual ambitions that could be best expressed only on systems next-gen like PS5.

Bakaba candidly admitted in an interview that systems such as PS4 and Xbox One would not have been able to make the new Arkane Studios title work the way it was conceived: “I don’t think the game would have been very ambitious if we hadn’t moved to next-gen “, explained the game director, adding that this step avoided compromises such as having to reduce the size of the map and speeded up the optimization process. On PC and PS5, systems on which Deathloop will make its debut next September, it was therefore possible to achieve all the objectives set during the development phase.

Supporting his words is art director Sebastien Mitton, who points out how working on PS5 has allowed developers to create environments “bigger than Dishonored 2”. After all Arkane with Deathloop wants to create a great game, and is so confident in the success of the product that it does not even fear any low sales. Waiting to get your hands on the game in September you can read our preview of Deathloop.