Deep Down, what happened to it? Shawn Layden hasn’t the faintest idea

Deep Down, action-RPG shown by Capcom at E3 2013, continues to represent one of the most incomprehensible mysteries in the recent history of video games. The title was shown with some rather promising gameplay sequences, but later nothing was heard of.

The announcement of the game was greeted with great enthusiasm by PlayStation 4 users (the platform on which it should have arrived exclusively), and therefore the question that Jason Schreier of Bloomberg asked Shawn Layden, former president of SIE Worldwide Studios, is legitimate. : what happened to Deep Down? After lingering for a few seconds, Layden simply replied “I have no idea”.

After a replica like that, coming from a former Sony key figure, the chances of knowing the true background that led to the setting aside of the Deep Down project seem increasingly faint. According to unconfirmed rumors, the game was canceled despite being in a rather advanced stage of development. Capcom, for its part, continues to register the brand of the game, and there is certainly no shortage of users hoping to see the fantasy project reborn on PlayStation 5. The Japanese publisher, however, continues to keep its silence, and they do not seem to be there for the concrete moment opportunity to review Deep Down in action.